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OUAT S4E01 Review

The Good

Beauty & The Beast!!!!!!!!! I nearly about died with this scene.

Emma. Her using magic and her saying that she would bring back Regina’s happy ending.

As far as Emma and Hook. I still don’t ship them but I do ship Emma with happiness so if Hook is what she wants then I’ll deal.

I find myself really on Team Regal because I’m not liking Marion.

More Disney Moments: Regina saying “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” / The Mickey Mouse Hat!!!

Regina saying they need to find the author of the book. Finally!!!!

And the most shocking part of it all for me: Frozen!
I swear when S3 ended and they were introducing that storyline I was pissed. It was a complete eye roll and thought of ‘shit they are jumping on the bandwagon.’ Enough with that crap! (at the time I hadn’t seen Frozen. Recently saw it this summer)

And then to see that the story was going to be a continuation of Frozen with them finding out what truly happend to their parents- loved it!

And I love Elsa in Storybrooke. I can all ready picture her teaming up with Emma because they have the whole ‘fear of magic’ thing in common.

Damn them. I loved the Frozen storyline so I’m sticking around!

The Bad

I’m still pissed that they killed off Neal. I’ll never forgive them for that so seeing Rumple talk to Neal at his grave was heartbreaking.

Regina wanting to go back in time to fix things. Please for the love of god no more butterfly effect storylines.